Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reality TV

Kitchen Nightmares really need to have a 'year later' episode.

Even better, there should be a similar show with Click and Clank going to mechanic shops.

Personally, I'd like to see one with software developers. Where I walk in and rip the hell out of their crappy code. This is awesome because you can find fault anywhere; even in more places then a kitchen.

I could goo on with that last one. Hell I can even think how to sell it. Can anyone get me an executive to pitch it to?

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What I mean by 'Idea'

By 'Idea' I mean something practical. This might be an improvement or something new but it should be practical.
For example:
"We should all have jet packs."
While a great idea, it's not very practical.
If I had an idea on how to improve the thrust/weight ratio, then that would be a practical idea. That being the only real problem that would need to be solved for jet packs.