Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Better mouse positioning for laptops.

They need to make the mouse a little button on the bottom right of the display frame on laptops.
That way a user can rest their arm along the right side in a more natural position.
Observing the way most people use laptops, there really wouldn't be much typing speed lost except for the power typist, who should know all the hot keys anyways.
This design has the added advantage that the have can also be used to help stabilize the laptop when it's on someones lap.

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What I mean by 'Idea'

By 'Idea' I mean something practical. This might be an improvement or something new but it should be practical.
For example:
"We should all have jet packs."
While a great idea, it's not very practical.
If I had an idea on how to improve the thrust/weight ratio, then that would be a practical idea. That being the only real problem that would need to be solved for jet packs.