Monday, July 7, 2008

Portable Bidet

Why don't the baby wipe companies make a portable Bidet; which would basically be a degradable wet wipe in a nice package.
Simple, easy, and it will keep you as clean as a baby's bottom


IGnatius T Foobar said...

Massengil has been selling those for decades.

Garrett Moffitt said...

Nice. I didn't see any at the store.
nor did any turn up during my quick search.

I've never seen advertising for them either.
You're not thinking of the douche are you? this would be different.

What I mean by 'Idea'

By 'Idea' I mean something practical. This might be an improvement or something new but it should be practical.
For example:
"We should all have jet packs."
While a great idea, it's not very practical.
If I had an idea on how to improve the thrust/weight ratio, then that would be a practical idea. That being the only real problem that would need to be solved for jet packs.