Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A swing an a miss

A swing an a miss from Paizo:

Seriously, 20 bucks for one frost giant? 7-8 bucks? sure. Even if that's a base model of a giant hold his fist up, and other models, or 'special' cost more.
Hell, 7 buck a pop in packages of 4 would be better.
at 20 bucks I need to drop 100 dollars if I want enough minis for encounter in the revenge of the giants adventure.

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What I mean by 'Idea'

By 'Idea' I mean something practical. This might be an improvement or something new but it should be practical.
For example:
"We should all have jet packs."
While a great idea, it's not very practical.
If I had an idea on how to improve the thrust/weight ratio, then that would be a practical idea. That being the only real problem that would need to be solved for jet packs.